Monday, September 26, 2011

Aftermath: Square Dancing Free Family Fun Night

Let it be known! It's hip to be a square dancer on Monday nights! Last Monday was the first of two FREE family fun nights that the Huntsville Promenadors throw each year before beginning their regular Square Dance lessons.

I went with three of my friends and ALL of us had a blast. We were probably the youngest people there, but everyone was very nice and thrilled to have us. Nobody was critical of the fact that we were clueless as to how to square dance, and instead gave helpful tips and words of encouragement. Someone said that that "Square dancers are probably the nicest people you will ever meet," and judging by the group of people we met last week, I can definitely believe that. We are very excited about going back again tonight!

The greatest mistake I made last week had nothing to do with the dance moves, and believe me, I made many. I recently went to an event that I was certain would be filled with yummy free food, but I instead left starving, so I ate a Party Pizza before going to square dance last week. I will NOT be doing that again, because they had AMAZING free food. The majority of the regulars bring a different dish every week. That picture isn't even of half of the table.

One of my favorite things about the night were all of the fancy costumes. We didn't know what to wear last week. One of my friends wore a fancy ball gown that she got for $2.00 from a yard sale, one wore jeans and a T-shirt, I wore a horrible mismatched skirt and shirt, and one friend looked like John Travolta from the Urban Cowboy. Everyone else, was better dressed than my group of misfits. There were several nice costumes, and matching costumes for couples, but I have to say that THIS pair won my vote for best dressed:

If you are interested in checking out Square Dancing, then you should definitely go tonight. Tonight is the other free class, and next week starts the official classes. Classes meet every Monday, and it is only $40.00 person and $20.00 for students. That ends up being only a dollor or two per class. The food alone is worth way more than that, and the dancing is FUN. If you don't believe me, then find out for yourself tonight!